Bottle-panel "Sea foam"


Form: прозрачна бутилка, декорирана със сини бои за стъкло и балони. Освен за стенно декоративно пано, бутилката може да се използва и за поднос за сирене на трапезата.

Material: wine bottle (0.75 liter), colorful pieces of art glass and paints

Technique: fusing

size (cm):

Height: 29

Width: 11

T: 0.7

More info

DIANAGLASS glass products are unique and are made using the fused glass method, in which separate pieces of glass compatible in composition are permanently connected in a common composition. To obtain these delicate oval shapes and iridescent colors, a furnace with an electronic programmer is used, which allows the melting and tempering process to be controlled with great precision.


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